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5 Great “Menu de Jour” in Lausanne


Have you ever thought of visiting your favourite restaurant without spending a lot of money? Perhaps, just trying out a new place where you are not sure if it is worth the penny.

I love food, and I love to visit different restaurants for the vibes. Or check out new restaurants on what’s their take on different cuisines. This hobby can be expensive, especially if you live in a costly city where a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant averages 100CHF. We always want a meal that offers excellent value for money.

Menu de Jour means “menu of the day.” In many parts of the world, lunchtime on weekdays poses an excellent opportunity to eat well at convenient prices.

My solution to this is “Menu de Jour” (Menu of the Day). In Lausanne, the menu comes typically as Entrée + Plat. I am saying a starter + main dish. Also, if you are lucky, a bottle of water is free. Further note, Menu de Jour is offered mostly during lunchtime obviously because most of us consider lunch as the main meal of the day.

In Lausanne, many restaurants offer Menu of the Day that usually ranges from 15-20CHF. What I like about this concept is the fact that there are no two menus that are alike during the week. In most cases, it offers a unique, surprise factor and diverse gastronomic experience. 

Here are some of the best Menu de Jour in Lausanne: 

1. Lucha Libre 

It is a newly opened restaurant in Ours and just a few steps from the bus stop and metro. The menu is Latin America inspired; the interior is of creative artistry with ethnic patterns, amiable staff and most of all, affordable prices. The menu de jour was excellent. I’ve been there also for drinks and tapas, and I loved it as well. So, if you want good vibes and music for your lunch break, this is the place. 

Fish at Lucha libre, menu de jour Lausanne

2. Cafe des Avenues

They are labelled ‘Homemade’ and known for their Parisian Entrecote. Although the restaurant only offered one standard ‘Menu du Jour’, they offer the best they have, which is: Parisian steak of 180g, accompanied by a salad or soup and French fries or vegetables, for only 18.50 CHF.

Picture of a steak at cafe des avenues - one great menu de jour in Lausanne

3. Hoi An

Located in Ouchy with a terrace and breathtaking view of Lac Leman. They serve Vietnamese cuisine Entrée + Plat Principaux + Dessert de jour for 18.50 CHF. They change the menu every day, which gives me a chance to try variations of quality Vietnamese food.  

Vietnamese food Menu de Jour Lausanne

4. Shanti

Restaurant located near the gare. I’ve been here several times because I love how they cook authentic Indian dishes. They served the Menu de Jour in the form of Thali like a selection of four vegetarian dishes Kerala style, served with papadum and Basmati rice. If you dine-in, it cost around 20-22 CHF, but if you have it for takeaway, it is only 12 CHF. 

image of a menu tray Menu de Jour at Shanti

5. Le Patio

The restaurant is mainly for the employees working in the building. Outsiders are also welcome but with a price difference. You have the option to choose from the wellness menu if you are for example on a diet or traditional menu. Apart from the menu, you can also pick from a wide range of hot and cold sides. It is a buffet! The best part, if you feel like eating just a salad, you can get it for only 4.60 CHF.

Le Patio menu de jour soup

Some other options worth trying for:

  • Bocallino – Aside from their daily menu, every Monday is also 15 CHF on all pizzas
  • Place 2B – It is a Peruvian restaurant. Menu de Jour here is a bit expensive as it is above mid-range restaurant, but it is worth it.
  • East Side Pully – Every week they feature a theme menu like Farmers & Fisherman, Swiss Cuisine or Martinique week. 
  • Kazuko – They serve authentic Chinese food and tasty selection of menu de jour.
  • Yasmine – It is not a restaurant but a Traiteur. It is a small Lebanese takeaway place. If you are early to grab your lunch, you might be lucky to sit on one of the limited high-chairs available. Every day they have different Lebanese dish. If you order the Menu de Jour, you can select one of the two dishes available + salad + rice + hummus and Arabic bread for 15 CHF. 
  • White Horse – What is good about White Horse is they publish their menu on their website. It is convenient for somebody like me who can’t easily decide what to eat because there are a lot of options around. The menu features the main dish, but they also offer bread and salad on top. 

There are a lot of restaurants budding around Lausanne featuring a dish of the day, but the tricky part is to get the value of money you are looking. 

I am looking forward to visiting more restaurants and update this article as often as possible. Feel free to comment and share your favourites. I would love to try them as well.

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