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5 tools to start cooking Sous Vide like a pro for less than $200

I discovered Sous Vide not too long ago. I am always keen to try new cooking techniques, so I turn into research mode and spent many hours on Youtube, blogs and online shops.

I have been now cooking Sous Vide for more than a year, and I have mastered a few recipes like carnitas or the mouth melting ribs that you can cook following this recipe.

But what is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide is a cooking technique that consists of cooking food at a relatively low temperature(60C to 90C) inside a water tank for a long time. However, the food must be isolated and not in touch with the water (otherwise it will be boiling :-). Example: Have you ever gone to a restaurant and they offered you something like 48 hours cooked lamb? Well, that meal is very likely to be Sous Vide.

Sous vide lamb at restaurant the place 2 b
Sous Vide Lamb

Gearing-up for Sous Vide

Equipping yourself for Sous Vide could get expensive, there are hundreds of gadgets on the internet, and I remember when I started wasn’t sure what I would need. As I praise frugality together with eating in restaurants and cooking, I am offering you below a kit of tools that will put you up and running for less than $200.

So what are the indispensable tools that I use for perfect sous vide?
See below the absolutely must have to cook your first.

I have run on this $165 Kit for more than a year only buying plastic bags from time to time.

1- Sous Vide cooker – From $70

If you are starting, I recommend the Anova Nano. It is small, not noisy and works quite well. They have more expensive versions, but this one has worked quite well for me, and believe me, I have used it a lot.

2- Sous Vide Container – Start from $0

In theory and if you want to be frugal to start Sous Vide any container that can hold hot water will work. I started with a standard floor washing bucket that I bought for $10 (Make sure it can resist temperatures up to 90C or 200F).

After I move to a proper Sous Vide container, not because the bucket did not work, but just because I had to use a lot of water in that regular bucket and makes me feel bad, I try to be sustainable and not waste natural resources.

Depending on the size and quantity of your sous vides, you might choose a bigger or a smaller container.
The cover lid is also super important because as the water evaporates the cooker will stop working (to prevent any hazard).

3- Mixing Bowls – From $20

Most if not all, Sous Vide preparations require marination first. Usually, you will mix spices with meat, chicken or fish with raw foods like onion or oranges. The Mixing bowls help you marinate your base products before putting them in the bags. Here there are two options, glass or stainless steel. I prefer the second one because it doesn’t break. It is also easier to remove fat and oil from steel.

Sous Vide Bags – From $15

The plastic bags for Sous Vide are also different than standard plastic bags. I know, I said I like to be sustainable and green but know I am asking you to buy plastic, but in my research, I haven’t found any alternative to plastic.

I use bags size 30×20 cm. I buy this size because it lets me put more food inside whereas for the smaller ones I need to use more plastic. I also buy rolls rather than individual bags to control the size. It is also cheaper.

5-Vacuum Sealer – From $60

The sealer is needed to decrease the size of the food in the bag and make sure there is no water in direct contact with it.
Again there are many prices and sizes, Anova has a good one for a reasonable price.

There you go, $165 and you are well equipped to start cooking Sous Vide. All you need now is to go to the grocery store and use your creativity.
I have run on this Kit for more than a year only buying plastic bags from time to time.


As an extra here goes a few things I regularly use together with the items above. These are not required, but they are an excellent complement for some of the Sous Vide recipes.

Smoked Salt

I discovered FOSSIL RIVER Smoked Salt on a trip to Spain. I used it for some BBQ meat and fell in love with it. It gives a smokey roasted taste that I haven’t found in any other salt.

Reusable Ice cubes for sous vide

Once you remove the food from the hot water is a good idea in many cases to stop the cooking process by putting the food on water and ice. This method will prevent in many cases the food to pull apart.

Weber BBQ

Many Sous Vide recipes like ribs or the brisket require a final touch on the fire, the BBQ brush. I find the Weber Spirit 2 perfect for mid or small size houses with guaranteed quality.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase any product, I might get a commission. Thanks so much 🙂

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