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I like to try stuff, and healthy apps like the Noom app are no exception. After another weight loss unsuccessful try to around the Ketogenic diet , I jumped into a health coaching app I have been following closely for months, Noom app. The noom app is a health/weight loss coach made by psychologists and dietitians. I truly believe that motivation and resilience is the top factor in a weight loss program, even beyond food and exercise, so I had big hopes. After taking the initial lifestyle assessment noom app sent me a 50% discount for the first two weeks, the hook worked. After that is like $75. Every two months.

The importance of Motivation for Weight Loss

While I can’t say that following the Ketogenic diet was an entirely successful strategy for me, it did teach some valuable lessons about health and weight loss. One of these is how important motivation levels are in relation to your success! Noom app helps you find ways on staying motivated through their numerous features such as pre-made workouts or even setting goals ahead so they’ll know if something has changed along the way (think: self-tracking).
I am now using this knowledge alongside my newfound appreciation for psychological concepts when designing programs – knowing which ones will work best typically depends upon who’s doing them?

How is Noom different to other Weight Loss Programs

When it comes to weight loss, there are so many different programs out there that it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. So, how is Noom different from all of the other options? To start with, Noom focuses on healthy eating and exercise habits rather than counting calories or depriving yourself of certain foods. And unlike other programs that require you to purchase expensive meal plans or supplements, Noom is an affordable program. Finally, Noom offers personalized support from nutritionists and dieticians who can help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a proven weight loss program that doesn’t require a big investment upfront, Noom is definitely worth checking out.

My Journey and Noom Review

I followed the Noom diet for 10 weeks and for the Noom review on this article I measured my weight every week.

Noom is a New York City-based health & wellness tech startup that uses mobile technology and the concept of calorie density to help with healthy habits (better food choices), mindful eating and even diabetes.

To make this article fact-based (in the end I am a data guy ), I am going to state my weight loss goal, starting point and keep updating it every week.


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Height: 171 cm

Weight and Body Fat Goal

  • 73 kg
  • 20% Body Fat

Starting Date: 29 March 2020

  • Heigh: 171 cm
  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Body Fat: 27.8%

WEEK 1 of Noom Review

Day 1 of Noom review – Getting Started 

The first thing is the noom user assessment. Aside from your goal weight, height and eating habits, they go a bit further with more behavioural/social questions. Example: Do you usually drink something after a day of work?

After you finish, you are given a pack of information, around 15 mins on the first day. The basis of Noom is not to overwhelm users so after the info around the density of the food, weighing in and the support group (they group you with similar people to seek support on each other) you are pretty much done for day 1.

No dieting, no calorie counting, no food logging, in the first week is a real soft start.

Day 2 of Noom

– First, weigh-in! we start with weight management

Day two is about knowing the foods you should be eating most. They introduce the concept of green food, yellow and red. They also speak about the SOS call. I found it fascinating. It is a safety net when you are running out of motivation.

Screenshot of Noom Food Color Code

No dieting, no calorie counting, in the first week is a real soft commence.

Day 2 of Noom Review

– First, weigh in

Day two is about knowing the foods you should be eating most. They introduce the concept of green, yellow and red. They also speak about the SOS call. I found it fascinating. It is a safety net when you are running out of motivation.

A sticker badge of noom gren foods
Image credit:

The main take away? My portions are too big. I think it is a family tradition and one of the healthier habits that are going to take me some training in my weight loss journey. This is going to be interesting.

A personal advisor, the noom health coaching, sent me a message, I believe, the announcements are a mix between automated messages and a registered dietitian: I read a few messages and a question.

Day 3 of Noom

They introduced the exercise part. As other areas of Noom is a soft start with 2000 steps to accomplish in one day. The noom coach keeps sending motivational messages (automated I think) every time you log your weight.

Day 4 of Noom

A few psychological rescue cues, it is good that they prepare you for the downtimes to come because it always comes in a diet, sooner or later.

Day 5 of Noom

They introduced the example of someone who achieved her weight loss goal through noom weight loss program (social proof) as well as social positive and negative behaviours.

Day 6 of Noom

We get to know the concept of smart goals; you will also need to create one. Mine changed a roasted potato for vegetables, substitute nutrient dense foods for less calorie density. The second new thing is calorie and meal plan. I loved to see this lesson as I believe in planning for success.

The last thing on day 6 is the increment on your calorie budget based on your exercise. Noom will add half of the calories burned to your food plan so that you will still maintain a calorie deficit.

Day 7 of Noom

The last day, Is a recap of the first week. They will introduce you to the concept of portion distortion. Which says that you eat much more than you think. I pride myself of being good with measures but still every time I weigh my food; I get shocking results. Try to weigh in 100 gr of lean meat, is like nothing!! 🙂

There are also some exciting tips around how to avoid over-shopping, which usually results in falling to the temptation. Because if you have at home when you feel weak, you will eat it.

WEEK 1 of Noom Review: Summary

  • Lots of learning and psychology around weight loss.
  • Learning to log food, eat smaller portions and avoid red foods.
  • Exercise is also essential.
Noom Review

Results after day 7

  • Date: 04 April 2020
  • Weight: 78.4 Kg (-1.6)
  • Body Fat: 26.6 (-1.2 points)

WEEK 2 of Noom

Week 2 is mainly around motivation cues. Noom tries to keep you afloat when your worst moments come. Many reminders like:

  • A lot of Education on food density rate
  • What to order in restaurants
  • Testimonials of the user that have succeeded
  • Identify your motivation stage
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Rewards
  • Frustration and tolerance to it

It kept me engaged.

At the end of week 2, the trial is over, and you need to subscribe to noom app. The process was a bit messy, you need to do it on the web, not in the app, and I had problems with log-in as well as change my billing plan. I chose the four months plan for 129$, the longer you commit the lowest monthly rate you get. Noom rates are here .

Screenshot of Noom Prices
Noom Rates in August 2020

I chose four months because despite being entirely on track with my goal of 73kg (June) I know there will be up and downs.

WEEK 2 of Noom: Summary

More tricks and adding additional support from a coach.

Results after day 14

  • Date: 11 April 2020
  • Weight: 77.6 Kg (-2.4kg)
  • Body Fat: 27.1% (-0.7 points)

Week 3 of Noom Health Coaching

Week three starts with a recognition of all the hard work done in the first two weeks. The app brings at this point the sabotage conversation. Usually, after week 2 of any diet, I start to be tired and lose momentum. These reminders about sabotaging yourself “I will not make it” “is the same as other times” came at perfect timing to keep me on track.

Another trick is the labelling. It is getting rid of the prejudices you have around some foods or drinks. Some of them I have always believed are “rice and pasta makes you fat”, “Drinks makes you fat and hungry”. While they can be both truths, the fact is that they make you fat if you eat or drink a lot. 

scrabble pieces on a plate
Photo by Natasha Spencer on

On week three they also launch the group coaching. First, you need to introduce yourself to others with a headline and picture, and then they ask you to share stuff around the psychological cues they give you and how are you applying them. It is an excellent way to interact with others.

WEEK 3 of Noom: Summary

Week three of noom diet app in seven points

  1. Make friend with breakfast. I am on it after so many years of not eating breakfast.
  2. Eat regularly: another challenge as I am used to 2 big meals and no more.
  3. Control your portions – It is crazy when you measure your food, and you notice how much you were eating before
  4. Unprocess your dietCook yourself and forget about sodas, bars, chips, etc
  5. Lose the labels– Mentioned above. Not all common belief of things bad for your weight it is.
  6. Ditch the drinks – All sodas except zero sugars (I hope) have high caloric density, and it is so easy to drink them by litres every day.
  7. Eat mindfully – My biggest nemesis. I eat fast, standing, with the phone in hand…This one is going to take me some time.

Results after day 21

  • Date: 18 April 2020
  • Weight: 76.6 Kg (-3.4kg)
  • Body Fat: 27.02% (-0.8 points)

WEEK 4 with Noom

Started with a reminder of previous weeks. Eat less dense (green, yellow, red), break the bad habits, etc

You will know then the concept of situational eating and how different events and environments affect the way you eat.

Next is the happy ending of each meal, the sweet touch.

They give you some tips to overcome the habit of finishing your meal with something sweet.

WEEK 4 of Noom: Summary

Results after week 4

  • Date: 25 April 2020
  • Weight: 75.7 Kg (-4.3kg)
  • Body Fat: 26.7% (-1.1 points)

Week 5 with Noom

it starts with an acknowledgement, losing weight is hard. It has been a month, and my commitment is still there, but it has now become easier to slip. That said I have quickly recovered from the naughty days (weekends) by putting in place noom tricks. Mainly the food traffic light.

sign slippery wet caution
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During week five, they also cover the chemical part of losing weight, hormones and its effect in each organ and how you need to eat to regulate them.

Finally, this week, you will receive some short but intense workouts to pump your weight loss. I have done like three or four per week for 20 to 30 mins each.

Another concept introduced is the plateau or in other words, when your weight loss stalls. I always hit my plateau at 74kg, so let’s see very excited to put in place those tricks.

My noom coach sends me messages every couple of days she is sweet and try to help as much as I can with those parts of my diet reeducation that I need help with.

WEEK 5 of Noom: Summary

Nice to see some science facts and that they tackle the plateau concept.

Results after week 5

  • Date: 2 May 2020
  • Weight: 74.8 Kg (-5.2kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.9% (-1.9 points)

Week 6 with Noom

The week 6 in the noom program starts with the four pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress.

Each day you will cover one of them.

An interesting point in this week was the myth-busting that exercise makes you lose weight. Spoiler alert a lot of exercise does not make you lose weight, but it can help. 

There are some exercises templates to choose between weights, Hiit or more aerobic stuff.

Screenshot of an exercise program by Noom

The rest of the week is about sleep, which seems to be a significant factor in weight gain and loss.

Lastly, cortisol, the stress hormone and how it impacts your weight.

Week 6 with Noom: Summary

Results after week 6

  • Date: 9 May 2020
  • Weight: 74.5 Kg (-5.5kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.9% (-1.9 points)

Week 7 with Noom

Week 7 of noom starts examining miracle diets. The message is clear: use your thinking to figure out that companies lobby many of them. All of them uses potent marketing mechanisms.

The first one is the vegan diet, which seems to have healthy and not so healthy foods on it. I gain lots of weight from going vegetarian.

blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale
Photo by Pixabay on

After they go through others like high proteins. They do not try to trash them, is more information for you to assess.

WEEK 7 of Noom: Summary

Results after week 7

  • Date: 16 May 2020
  • Weight: 74.4 Kg (-5.6 kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.3% (-2.5 points)

Weeks 8,9,10 with Noom

The last three weeks of my program were reminders and health coaching interactions. Below are the results.

Results after week 8

  • Date: 23 May 2020
  • Weight: 74.1 Kg (-5.9kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.4% (-2.4 points)

Results after week 9

  • Date: 30 May 2020
  • Weight: 73.9 Kg (-6.1 kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.3% (– 2.5 points)

Results after week 10

  • Date: 6 June 2020
  • Weight: 74.2 Kg (-5.8 kg)
  • Body Fat: 25.5% (-2.4 points)

Recap of Noom for Weight Loss 10 weeks program

My weight loss results

WeekWeight in KGDifference in KG
vs Starting Point
Body Fat
Difference in Points
vs Starting Point
Starting Point8027.8%
Week 178.4-1.626.6%-1.2
Week 277.6-2.427.1%-0.7
Week 376.6-3.427%-0.8
Week 475.7-4.326.7%-1.1
Week 574.8-5.225.9%-1.9
Week 674.5-5.525.9%-1.9
Week 774.4-5.625.3%-2.5
Week 874.1-5.925.4%-2.4
Week 9 73.9-6.125.3%-2.5
Week 1074.2-5.825.5%-2.4

The Diet Per-se

I think that Noom works. It does from one of my guiding principles, “What gets measured gets managed”, and Noom is principally managing your food intake.

Is it exhausting to weigh everything? Yes

Would you lose weight? Yes

Noom recommendations are healthy, and you can achieve a varied diet where you can eat everything in moderate quantities. Having the chance of eating pizza or fries or have a drink makes a difference.

The reading part

Although there is a considerable amount of reading, I considered most of it interesting. It can help you learn new things.

The Coach part

I did not use it much, wasn’t engaged with her. The coach was broad, with cliche phrases, and sometimes it proposes simple chitchatting.

The group part

Although interesting, I don’t feel that everyone was on the same page in the group. Some users enter a week later or before, and this confuses.

Final remarks

In the end, I did not reach my goal of 73 kg; my lowest was 73.8 kg. The truth is that maybe my body has a significant resistance on the 74 for a reason, and that could be somehow my optimal weight. Anyhow, I was very happy with almost 6kg less and 2.4 points less of body fat.

I found Noom amusing. I learnt a lot of things from it. I recommend it to everyone that has a bit of time and is willing to commit to investing some time on themselves.

Noom Health Coaching results chart

Disclaimer: This is NOT a promoted post. I have no direct affiliation with NOOM but we use an affiliate program that could generate some commissions.

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