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Review: Äta Nordic Food | Restaurant in Lausanne | Switzerland


Äta is a beautiful concept for a restaurant in Lausanne, but the food is average and is expensive for what they offer.

Review: Äta Nordic Food|Restaurant in Lausanne |Switzerland

One of my friends invited me for his birthday dinner at a new restaurant in Lausanne, that recently opened. It is a nordic restaurant called Äta. I only had tried Scandinavian food from Ikea, which, by the way, restaurants provide excellent value for money. However, that is because they have other commercial objectives rather than making money from the restaurant. So I was very excited to try the nordic specialities from Äta.


Äta is a very cosy restaurant/cafe and here is my first takeaway: It seems that this place started as a cafe/breakfast/brunch place and has stretched into a restaurant.
All wood decorated, it follows the classy and clean nordic lines. They have three defined areas. One is kind of a shop with refrigerators that I guess they put food and drinks on. Then they have a hall with a big high table and high chairs and finally a dining area with a bar in an L shape.

All wood decorated, it follows the classy and clean nordic lines.

Lights are low and warm, which gives you this cosy atmosphere and makes you feel relax.
I don’t remember to have heard any music.


We were a large group, so we booked in advance. They welcomed us at the entrance and indicated us our table.
They speak good English and of course, french. The service was attentive, fast, and they were very patient (which is difficult when you have a table with 15 people).


Food is the part where Äta has more room for improvement.

The menu is tiny, which is fine, and it has four clear sections Toasts, Gravlax (Salmon), other mains, and desserts. They also have a kids menu composed of fried chicken with potatoes.
They do not seem to have an English version of the food list.


Assortment of toasts

  • Cheese and butternut squash: The squash was very soft, almost a jam that blended with the cream cheese. It is okay
Ata - Restaurant in Lausanne cheese and butternut squash toast

We order several to start our dinner.

  • Beef Tartar: Was probably the best of them, the beef was very tasty and resembled the traditional beef tartar elaboration. Good
Ata - Restaurant in Lausanne- Beef tartar toast image
  • Potato: This was a slice of bread and two baby potatoes sliced in halves on top. Dry and tasteless. With all due respect to the chef and restaurant owners. I would be ashamed of serving this and charge $10 for it.
  • Breaded fish Toast: It was a generous portion of fish which was well breaded and juicy inside, however, missed the enhancement from the sauce which was very bland. It’s okay.
Ata - Restaurant in Lausanne- Breaded Fish Toast
  • Pulled pork: pork meat was dry, lacked salt and spices.

Food is the part where Äta has more room for improvement.

Main: Salmon trio

Three slices of salmon with three different dressings:

  • Classic – Dill and sour cream.
  • Citrus
  • A red unidentified sauce which could be cranberries
A plate with salmon at Ata - Restaurant in Lausanne- Gravlax plate

The salmon was fresh and well sliced. They state in the menu that all their salmon is Swiss.
The sauces were again super basic. Sour cream was just that, the cranberries were bitter and shut down the taste of the salmon fats, and the citrus was a decent combination of citrus juices that was nice.

Potato sides – potatoes were soft and mealy but lacked salt and taste. Plain, boiled potatoes

What we liked from Äta Nordic Food |Restaurant in Lausanne

  • The cosy atmosphere
  • Kind service
  • The swiss wine selection

Where to improve

  • Food – A restaurant must have elaborated food.
  • Price – It is okay if they decide to be a coffee/breakfast place but then do not charge restaurant prices.

Rating 6/10

How do we rate?

Overall Äta ta was a sweet and sour experience. There are a lot of things to improve in the kitchen. The food was quite average, I like simple recipes, but in this case, it was too simple. Slice salmon and put sour cream on top is okay for a supermarket but a resto needs more. They need a signature on their food.

Äta Nordic food | Restaurant Details

Address: Avenue de Rumine 22, 1005 Lausanne
Average Price per person (no alcohol): $30-50
Telephone: +41 021 312 09 09
Date Visited: 29th January 2020

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