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This is the best set of Paring Knife you will ever buy


What is a paring knife?

paring knife is a little all-purpose knife for peeling, shaping and other small or elaborate work like de-veining a shrimp, removing seeds ‘skinning’, scoring or cutting small garnishes.

Victorinox Swiss Paring Knife Set laying down

Cooks and Knives

I like knives; I think every cook does. They are one of the essential pieces for cooking. You can cook with any knife, yes, but a good paring knife makes a difference. If you want to slice something fragile or create a shape, you need right edges.

I usually buy my paring knife in the store, I like to feel the handle and the weight but in this occasion and taking advantage of the miles I have accumulated in business trips bought the best set I have ever had.

I got the set through the Swiss Miles and More program. They run daily deals on high-quality Swiss products, and when I saw the knives kit, I got trapped by the colourful handlers. 

Swiss Classic Utility Block

Swiss Brand Victorinox is famous for their swiss knives, but they also have a broad range of other sharp products.

A week after ordering, I got the order at home. I was very excited to try the set, so I opened it immediately. The kit has six pieces:

  • Swiss Classic Paring Knife, pointed tip, 8 cm, orange: A classic paring knife with countless applications.

They all come in a white block with a fluffy yet stuffy material that let you put the knives anywhere.

Why you will love this set of Victorinox set with the best Paring Knife

  • Versatility: Unless you need to cut a big piece of meat or fish you can do the most of your cooking with them. 
  • Colour code: After a few days you will quickly identify each knife by the colour
  • Edges: extremely sharp and they don’t unsharpen easily.
  • Hygiene: Having five knives allow you to change the blade every time I cut a product bypassing the need to wash it and by extension, avoiding the dangerous cross-contamination.
  • Durability: I have put the knives under pressure, and they always respond. These knives don’t bend, get rusty or whatsoever. It is true Swiss Quality.

The Swiss Classic Utility Block is a quality set that can be used by amateur and professional chefs. It has become an indispensable piece in my kitchen.

Swiss Quality is the flagship of Victorinox

Warning: The knives are so sharp that the minimal error will cost you a cut. Either buy a cutting glove or be extremely attentive when you use them. I warned you.

These knives cost me a few wounds in my fingers, but I have sworn eternal love to them.

Have you tried this or other sets of Victorinox? Comment below

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