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El Equilibrista 33 | Restaurant Review | Las Palmas | Spain


El Equilibrista 33 is a seven years old restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They sell their food as Local Market food. In my latest trip to the island, I had the chance to try this place which is listed on the Michelin Guide.

El Equilibrista 33 is a delightful experience of local Market food.


It is located near the Beach of Alcaravaneras in Las Palmas. It is a small place that now due to COVID19 is even smaller, with only 4 tables.

It has a casual decoration with many references to the name of the restaurant (equilibrista means tightrope walker)

The tables are large, and they have nice cutlery.

Dining Room El equilibrista 33

The dining room is using some kind of blue light, which I personally dislike for dining. Makes me feel like in an office.

You need to book in advance to dine at El Equilibrista 33, you can do it here.


Only one waiter was working when I went, he was experienced and super helpful. He offered us a tasting menu, but since we wanted to try things that were not on it, we went for a la carte.

The waiter explained well all plates and recommended we try some of their best sellers. The food also came with a good flow.


El Equilibrista 33 has a small menu, as is the fine casual dining trend in the Canary Islands. I would say that it is based on the traditional cuisine of the islands with some fusion touches.

Food menu at El Equilibrista 33


They served us some nuts bread and pan de puño (traditional bread with Anis). Olive oil was dropped on a plate, and then we had 3 different kinds of local salts, one of them spicy. There were also some large local olives to start.

Tuna and Gofio Maki

Tuna Maki with Gofio at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

An inverted Maki roll where the tuna was outside and inside was Gofio, the plate had a mixed soja sauce. Gofio is toasted and ground corn that is a traditional food of the Canary Islands. It was a pleasant surprise. 


Ceviche with Gofio at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

The Ceviche was constructed on a tower shape, where the base was gofio again, then avocado, fish, mango and edible flowers. The citrus marinade was well balanced with the crunchy gofio.

Grilled octopus with two types of mashed potatoes and Mojo.

Grilled octopus with mashed potatos and mojo at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

Beautifully presented. The mashed potatoes were delicious, and the Mojo (traditional garlic spicy Canarian mayo sauce) had a twist of Tomato. The octopus was a large tentacle, nothing to say about the taste, but the texture was hard. 

Lime Rice with King Prawns

Lime rice with King prawns at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

Bomba (Round) rice cooked al dente with a large king prawn and lime flavours. This course was my favourite, the taste, the rice al dente and presentation: Perfect.

Pork Confit with crunchy onions and Cheese Mojo

Slow cooked pork with cheese sauce at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

Another great plate to finish lunch. The slowly cooked meat incredibly tender and tasty with a beautiful contrast with the cheese sauce. The crunchy onion did the rest. It was a great course. Try it.


Gofio Cannoli stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries.

Cannoli of gofio and strawberries at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

It was nice but not sweet. This is not a complaint just a comment, I just personally like sweet desserts. Crunchy and tasty, a balanced dessert.

Mango Bar

Mango Bar with passion fruit at El Equilibrista 33 in Las Palmas

A semi-cold dessert making the shape of a gold bar that was incredibly well made. It is served with passion fruit on top. Really cool.

What I liked from El Equilibrista 33

  • The quality of the food
  • The twists of Canarian traditional plates
  • Kind Service

What I think could be better at El Equilibrista 33.

  • Repetitive ingredients, like gofio in several courses

Rating ‘El Equilibrista 33’ | Restaurant in Las Palmas | Spain

El Equilibrista 33 | Restaurant Review | Las Palmas | Spain
  • 8.5/10
    Place/Ambience - 8.5/10
  • 9.2/10
    Service - 9.2/10
  • 9.1/10
    Food - 9.1/10
  • 8.5/10
    Price - 8.5/10

How do we rate?

El Equilibrista 33 is a pleasant experience if you want to try Canarian meals from another perspective. They make no mistakes with the quality of the food. It is a solid restaurant, they are experienced, and they know what they are doing. You won’t be disappointed.

Let the waiter advise you, and you will have a great meal at El Equilibrista 33 Restaurante in Las Palmas.

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