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My name is Santiago, and I am originally from the Canary Islands. I have travelled all over the world and eaten at hundreds of restaurants. I studied Hotel Management but never worked on that is for too long. However, I keep enjoying eating, and I cook with the same enthusiasm I did in the kitchens of the school twenty years ago.

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I have a genuine interest in restaurants, do not ask me why, but I get super excited when I go to one. I also like to help people, so I started initially writing for eaters and ended up blending it with opinions/recommendations for restaurant owners.

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Because reviewing food and cooking should go by the hand, in my opinion. You cannot advise about something that you don’t understand.

I too love cooking and sharing what I learn in restaurants and from others. I can cook every day and spend several hours in the kitchen.
Cooking frees up my mind and relaxes me. I also find great joy in people eating my food.
Sometimes I cook, sometimes others cook for me.

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Having written hundreds of reviews for Google maps and other kinds of articles a friend of mine told me I should open up a blog.

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No, I do not receive payments from restaurants nor get invited for dining.

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I rarely eat alone. I usually go with my family or with friends. I like it because it also allows me to try many things.
My wife also provides lots of support and invest time on the site.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How you make money out of the blog?”]Through three advertising providers.

1- Google Ads. You will see banners all around.
2- I use affiliate links from restaurant reservations, like for example Quandoo. When someone books, I get a commission.
3- I use amazon affiliate links when I write about products. If you buy a product after clicking on it, I might get a commission.

Thanks for your understanding and support, advertising keeps the blog up and running.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How do you rate restaurants?”]

Restaurant reviews a combination of the place, service and food. Because restaurants are a full experience, see more details here.

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Yes, I do, email in many occasions the restaurant owners with the review link.

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I wrote about that in Medium some time ago. Have a look here.
I too have a full-time job. This is my hobby and hopefully my future job.

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I do use an app called Yummly. I also cook a lot in the Thermomix and get recipes from Cookido and Recipe Community Australia. Some others I got from my father (who was a Chef) and some others I invent.

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We are present on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Do not forget to follow.