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Golden Union Fish & Chips | London | UK | Review


Golden Union Fish & Chips is one of these cases where Google Maps reviews are misleading. It was an upsetting experience.

Golden Union Fish & Chips – Restaurant Details

Address: 38 Poland Street, Soho. London W1F 7LY
Average Price per person (no alcohol): $25-30
Telephone: +41 020 7434 1933
Date Visited: 21st December 2019

Being in England means eating fish and chips. There are a few well-rated places on Google Maps, so we decided to try at least one of the toppers.


It is located right on one alley of Oxford Street.
It is American dining, with red neons, big posters and checkered tiles. The music is loud, and they were playing all the time some current pop hits. I do not pretend to be a music critic too, although I love music, but somehow that music was disconnected with the decoration.

Image of golden union fish & chips neons
American Dining Neons at Golden Union Fish & Chips

The dining area is small, with small tables. They seem to have a big chunk of business on the takeaway orders.


We reach the place around 5 pm, and we asked for a table to dine in. They took us to the dining area and got seated.
The service, in general, was weak. The waiters do not speak good English, they are sad, and in some cases, they seem angry.

Finally, they are very disorganized. In a matter of one minute, three different waiters asked us if we have decided what to order. We were not ready, and we request a pint that they took ages to bring.

I do not know if the takeaway service is any better, but the dine-in experience was disappointing.


Their menu is fish, seafood and chips. We were not expecting anything else.

  • Image of the menu at Golden Union FIish  Chips
  • Image of the menu at Golden Union FIish  Chips

To complement a bad service experience no one told us there were items out of stock in the menu until we ordered.
We wanted halibut, which was out of stock (same with some others). So we ended up with the traditional cod and chips.

Cod & Chips

There is a lot of batter in this fish and chips. Is like you need to dig in into the batter and after a while, you find some fish. The batter was otherwise ok.
The chips were also ok, but a bit soggy, nothing to die for.

Image of  Fish & Chips
Cod and Chips

Battered king prawns and chips

Same as for the fish. Lots of batters, small prawn.

What we liked from Golden Union Fish & Chips

  • Location, to say something
  • They have some lovely local beer

Where to improve

  • A very bad Dine-in experience
  • Less batter more fish
  • Better chips

Rating 4/10

How do we rate?

Golden Union Fish & Chips is one of these places that somehow are very popular, but then they do not meet the expectations. Prices are not very different from other sites, and the food is average. A much better alternative is The Mayfair Chippy.

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