Thermomix Steamed Brown Rice
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How to cook Brown Rice in the Thermomix


This is how to cook brown rice in the Thermomix. Wholewheat rice has a different cooking time than white rice, so it is essential to check how long you need to cook it and how much liquid you need to use.

Thermomix makes it easier to cook wholegrain rice due to its controlled temperature and blades moving the water constantly.

Brown Rice vs White Rice

White rice is an edible grain crop of the species “Oryza sativa” grown in warm climates near the equator. Brown rice, on the other hand, is an agricultural product made initially by separating more nutritional components of rice from their bran and then grinding what’s left into smaller particles. As a result, dark rice has a higher nutritional value than white rice because of its outer layer of fibre-rich nutrients called vitamins and minerals.

Why brown rice is a healthy choice for your diet

  • Brown rice is a whole grain, meaning its bran and germ are intact.
  • There are several health benefits to eating dark rice regularly. It is rich in fibre which helps you feel full longer after meals while promoting healthy digestion. It’s also high in manganese, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and thiamin, all nutrients necessary for maintaining overall health.
  • Brown rice is also low in fat and calories, making it a healthy choice for those watching their weight.


This recipe only needs water and rice.

Cooking Time

To cook whole grain rice in the Thermomix will take a total of 45 minutes

Storage Tips and Tricks

If you don’t plan on eating the wholewheat rice right away after it is cooked, cover it to prevent oxidation and seal with a lid before refrigerating. This will help keep the rice fresh longer.

Recipes to use with Brown Rice

Here are some delicious recipes to use with your whole grain:

How to cook brown rice in the Thermomix

Thermomix Setting for Cooking Brown Rice

How to cook Brown Rice in the Thermomix

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Prep time


Cooking time




Total time



The overall process involves simmering the rice for a certain amount of time to be tender and moist. Brown rice is versatile-it can be used in salads, soups, or as a side dish-yet, its hardiness demands a critical step. This article will show how to cook brown rice perfectly with the Thermomix TM5


  • 200 Gr. Brown Rice / Wholegrain Rice

  • 1 litre Water


  • Weigh 200gr of rice inside the Thermomix basket
  • Rinse the rice abundantly under cold water
  • Add 1 litre of water to the Thermomix jar
  • Cook the rice for 40 minutes, Temperature 110C, Speed 4
  • After 40 minutes, Let the rice steam in the basket for 5 minutes more


  • There are many kinds of Wholegrain rice. If your rice is still a bit hard on top after steaming let it steam for 5 minutes more.

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