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Le Diwane | Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva


After four months of Restaurants closed in Switzerland, we finally got the chance to visit one in April 2021.

Le Diwane is a classic that claims to be probably the first Lebanese restaurant in Geneva. The restaurant opened first in 1991, and the same family still owns it.

Geneva is a preferred place for Middle Easterns with a lot of Lebanese restaurants. In the top three for Lebanese gastronomy in Geneva, you find Parfums de Beyrouth, Chez Fouad and Le Diwane.


It is located very near the Lake Geneva, not far from the famous Jet D’eau. The area has plenty of Restaurants and Coffee Shops. There is a terrace and an interior dining room. Despite being a long time opened and have signs of age, Le Diwane is clean and in relative good shape.

Image of the terrace of Le Diwane Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva
The terrace of Le Diwane is very Parisienne

It is advisable to book as it usually is full.


They are all super kind. The main waiter was accommodating at the time of booking, sitting us and taking the order. Le Diwane is not a fancy place, but you find the value in the warm ambient. The father and probable Entrepreneur, a senior Man, came to welcome us warmly. 


We had lunch around midday and we ordered:

Rokak Bel Jabneb (Cheese fried dumplings)

Golden, crunchy and the cheese inside was very tasty.

Image of Lebanese fried cheese dumpling

Shish Taouk

The chicken was very tender, wrapped on Lebanese bread and with rice on the sides. No flaws and good taste.

Image of Shish Taouk


It came wrapped in Lebanese bread and with Tabbouleh on the side. The marinated Lamb is vibrant. The favor takes you back to the Middle East. The juices are sagging the bread, and it comes with Yoghurt sauce. Loved it!

image of a Shawarma Plate

They also serve with all meals extra Lebanese bread and garlic sauce. 

For dessert, we had Baklawa.

It seemed homemade, four crunchy pieces with the syrup on top. It was ok.

Arabic Baklawa

What I liked from “Le Diwane” Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva

  • The family touch
  • They didn’t miss on any of the Lebanese food classics

What I think could be better at “Le Diwane” Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva

  • Cigar smoking on the terrace, the smell is so strong that it is difficult to taste the food.
  • Waiter recommendations.

How do we rate?

Le Diwane, Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva
  • 7.9/10
    Place/Ambience - 7.9/10
  • 8.7/10
    Service - 8.7/10
  • 9/10
    Food - 9/10
  • 8.4/10
    Price - 8.4/10

Overall and after four months without stepping into a restaurant, I enjoyed it a lot the experience. The place serves, with the expensiveness of Switzerland, reasonable portions and the food is tasty. It is a recommended place for a Lebanese Restaurant in Geneva.

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