FREEZE DRIED USA Now and Later Candy (3.75 oz) – Delicious Assorted Flavors Price: 16,9 $ (as of 28/03/2023 07:09 PST- Details)

FREEZE DRIED NOW & LATERS: When freeze-drying this taffy-like candy we remove all water to to make it super flavorful and crispy!
You will love this transformed classic American candy!
4 BOLD TANGY FLAVORS: In this 3.75 oz package of Now & Laters, you will enjoy cherry, strawberry, sour apple, and banana flavors.


FREEZE DRIED NOW AND LATER CANDY Now and Later is exploding with scrumptious Fruity Flavors – Comprises 8oz Cherry, Strawberry, Bitter Apple, Banana

FREEZE DRIED NOW & LATERS: Whilst freeze-drying this taffy-like sweet we do away with all water to to make it tremendous flavorful and crispy!
You are going to love this remodeled vintage American sweet!
4 BOLD TANGY FLAVORS: On this 3.75 ozpackage of Now & Laters, You are going to revel in cherry, strawberry, Bitter apple, and banana flavors.
Our scrumptious freeze dried sweet is bursting with taste!

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