Mantova Spray 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil Variety Set – Black Truffle | Garlic | 8 Fl. Ounce. (Pack Of 3) – Product Of… Price: 25,7 $ (as of 07/04/2023 08:21 PST- Details)

Great set to add to a healthy diet
Great Flavors to add to any dish
Spray can is designed to preserve the oil from light and oxygen


Mantova Herbal, truffle, and garlic additional virgin olive oil Spray. Nice taste profile set of additional virgin olive oils so as to add to any dish. The benefit of the “bag-in-valve” Spray bottle with the standard taste additional virgin olive oil from Mantova creates a really perfect set of taste and high quality.

Nice set so as to add to a nutritious diet
Nice Flavors so as to add to any dish
Spray can is designed to maintain the oil from mild and oxygen
one hundred% All Herbal Spray with out a aerosols or preservatives

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