SuperMush Daily Immunity Mouth Spray Mushroom Spray Supplement for Immune & Digestive Health Support Turkey Tail & Reishi Mixed Mushrooms Extract | 30ml Pure & Organic Turkey Tail Price: 30,0 $ (as of 02/01/2024 11:49 PST- Details)

Immunity Above All – Your life is full of commotion and stressors that can damage your cellular health and overall natural body defenses. I made you a lil something, an immunity mushroom supplement to get that daily boost of goodness to support you.
Mushroom Spray – I’m a 30ml mushroom spray supplement tasting like a perfectly chilled tangerine crush. My mushroom extract formula is filled with adaptogens that amplify each one of the essential nutrients wild mushrooms provide for your health.
How to Use Me – 1. Just shake me up to blend my dried mushroom components. 2. Spray me 4x times to your tongue, my Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps fungi will start to do the work. 3. Almost immediately the properties of the dynamic mushrooms will kick in.


Immunity Above All – Your lifestyles is filled with commotion and stressors that may harm your mobile well being and total herbal frame defenses. I made you a lil one thing, an immunity mushroom complement to get that day-to-day spice up of goodness to reinforce you.
Mushroom Spray – I am a 30ml mushroom spray complement tasting like a wonderfully chilled tangerine overwhelm. My mushroom extract method is full of adaptogens that enlarge every one of the most very important vitamins wild mushrooms supply to your well being.
Easy methods to Use Me – 1. Simply shake me as much as mix my dried mushroom elements. 2. Spray me 4x instances for your tongue, my Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps fungi will begin to do the paintings. 3. Nearly in an instant the houses of the dynamic mushrooms will kick in.
Hero Meals – I referred to as in my comrades. Turkey Tail extract prevents occasional fatigue, helps your digestive device and protects your mobile well being, even as Reishi mushroom extract reduces tension. Sure, many name me a mushroom medication combine.
Absolutely Criminal – SuperMush Turkey Tail mushroom method is natural based totally, eco-freindly, non-GMO & with out damaging components. I have condensed 20g of purposeful complete mushrooms more than likely more fit than your breakfast in a nutritional mushroom treatment.

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