SuperMush Daily SuppleMint | Mushroom Mint Supplement | Mints for Flow, Focus, Creativity and Connection | Lions Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi Mixed Mushrooms | 4 x 20g Organic Mushroom Mint… Price:  Original price was: 80,0 $.Current price is: 67,0 $. (as of 02/01/2024 11:49 PST- Details)

Time To Meet Us – Can’t choose your favorite mint? Our bundle will support you all the way. We provide a focus and flow mint to sharpen up your brain with a dose of minty freshness and a creativity and connection mint to help you feel connected, creative, and vibrant with a burst of sweet heat to stimulate you from the inside out.
Mushroom Mint Bundle – We are a 20g pure mushroom mint bundle with an incredible superfood taste you can’t resist. Our mushroom extracts formula is filled with adaptogens that amplify the essential nutrients real mushrooms provide for you.
How to Use Me – Drop 1-2 minimum of these babies on your tongue every day for a kick of mental and oral freshness. Mix & match for a quick life hack. Use me before meetings, reading, working on brain intensive projects, to combat brain fog and beat the afternoon slump daily for enhanced memory.


Time To Meet Us – Can’t make a selection your favourite mint? Our Package deal will make stronger you the entire manner. We offer a focal point and glide mint to sharpen up your mind with a dose of minty freshness and a creativity and connection mint that will help you really feel attached, inventive, and colourful with a burst of candy warmth to stimulate you from the interior out.
Mushroom Mint Package deal – We’re a 20g natural mushroom mint Package deal with an unbelievable superfood style you’ll’t face up to. Our mushroom extracts components is full of adaptogens that magnify the very important vitamins actual mushrooms supply for you.
The way to Use Me – Drop 1-2 minimal of those young children to your tongue each day for a kick of psychological and oral freshness. Combine & fit for a fast existence hack. Use me sooner than conferences, studying, running on mind in depth initiatives, to fight mind fog and beat the afternoon stoop day-to-day for better reminiscence.
Hero Meals – The Amusing(gi) stuff that makes us magic. Lion’s Mane, Reishi & Cordyceps mushroom extracts are one of the vital many on our listing. SuperMush decided on the most efficient mushroom root heroes to constitute our vitamins display.
Absolutely Criminal – SuperMush mushroom extract mix components is natural based totally, eco-pleasant, non-GMO & with out damaging components. I have condensed 20g of untamed dried dynamic mushrooms almost definitely more fit than your breakfast in a nutritional mushroom treatment.

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