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How to Eat Great in Colmar: The best places and dishes to look out for when you visit a Restaurant in Colmar.


Why do you need to visit Colmar?

Colmar is a beautiful city in the French region of Alsace, about 10 minutes from the German border. It’s a rich history and culture city centered around a well-preserved medieval old town. Come visit the half-timbered houses, the beautiful clock tower, and the many museums. Take a walk around the beautiful parks or enjoy a moment of peace in one of the many bars and restaurants. You can also visit the local vineyards and taste the delicious wine! And if you’re here during the Christmas season, you’ll be able to enjoy the Christmas Markets! There are many fun activities to do while in Colmar, so come visit!

Bridge with alsace houses in colmar
Colmar is a stunning village on the East of France

How to get to Colmar

The best way to get to Colmar is to take the train. Take the SNCF train to Colmar. There are two railway stations in Colmar, the main station or gare ferroviaire (IATA: CMF) and the other next to the old town (IATA: XDC). The SNCF train from Mulhouse costs about €22 and takes about one hour to get to Colmar. The train from Strasbourg costs about €20 and takes about one hour and five minutes to get here. Once you arrive, you can catch a bus from the station to the old part of town – it only costs €2 and takes about 20 minutes. For more information about how to get to Colmar, visit:

What is the restaurant culture like in Colmar?

For those interested in experiencing the restaurant culture in Colmar, France, it is a great city for those who love to taste test the best traditional French cuisine. No matter what your taste buds desire, from macarons and foie gras to pate and escargot, they can be found around every corner! This is great news for those who love to taste test the best food in any restaurant they walk into. Those who find that they enjoy the food should come back the next time they have a craving for more French cuisine!

The restaurant scene in Colmar has something for everyone, from the casual foodie to the gourmet chef. There are plenty of ethnic restaurants to choose from, offering cuisine from around the world. For example, if you are craving a good steak, you can try the L’Arpège Colmar, which is an upscale French bistro or try the Irish pub, Murphys which has a wide selection of beer, whiskey and traditional food.

Making the right choice of Restaurant in Colmar

Everyone has their favorite types of food. Some people have to have burgers, while others crave pizza. Fortunately, in Colmar, there are places to eat that have all kinds of food! There are also places to eat that are unique to the area and region. For example, if you’re looking for an artisan bakery, you’ll want to check out Le Moulin a Vent. This bakery is known for their pastries and refreshing gelato! If you’re looking for a place to eat with your friends, a great restaurant you can try is the Le Bistrot d’Ambre. When dining at this gorgeous restaurant, you can order the Salmon with a glass of Champagne or a traditional French salad!

The Best Places to Eat in Colmar

There are some truly amazing places to find great cuisine and restaurants in Colmar. Here are a few of the best. The first on the list to check out is the Croque Madame. Next on the list is the La Ruche. I personally love the Spare Ribs and the Fries. It’s got a fun atmosphere, and their service is very fast. If you ever have the opportunity to go, don’t pass it up! Lastly, you can go to the Louis XI. It’s a little upscale, but the food is absolutely amazing and the service impeccable. I have never had a bad experience there.

Here is a list with some of the best restaurants in Colmar:

  1. Le Cercle des Arômes Colmar
  2. Lucas & Chris Restaurant
  3. Le Major’L Colmar
  4. Le Petit Bidon Colmar
  5. Restaurant La Stub Tartes Flambées Colmar
  6. Restaurant La Soï Winstub Colmar

The Best Dishes to Look Out For in Colmar

I’m often asked what dishes I would recommend when visiting Colmar. While there are many choices, I’m always happy to mention these three! First is their Joinville, the classic savory duck meat, onion, and sauce dish. It’s a real classic, to say the least. Second is the Tarte flambée. It’s like a flat pizza or a pizza crust, but it can be served with various toppings. It’s usually done with a variety of different meats and cheeses. The third is the Cassoulet, a traditional duck and pork stew with beans. It’s hearty, filling, and perfect for the chilly weather! If you’re interested in any of these dishes, stop by Le Marais, a French restaurant in the city! It’s lovely and serves authentic dishes.

Image of tarte flambee food
Tarte flambée. The original dish, from which the name of the dish is derived, is prepared in this way: A tart is made with puff pastry. The tart is then filled with a Bechamel sauce, cooked leeks and pieces of bacon, seasoned with salt and pepper. It is then served with additional sauce and melted cheese on top.

My favorite dish there is the Croque Madame sandwich. It’s a sandwich topped with a fried egg and covered in cheese. The bread is crunchy, and the egg yolk oozes over the top. It’s fantastic!

image of croque madame food
Do you love croque madame?

Conclusion: A city with a lot of culture, food, and activities, Colmar is the perfect city to visit in Alsace.

Colmar is a beautiful city located in the Alsace region of France. It’s very close to the border of Germany, so you’ll find that the culture mixes German and French. It’s a great place to visit if you’re a history buff as there are a lot of well-preserved buildings from the 15th century and new attractions. There is a lot of shopping in Colmar, and you can find many high-quality, handcrafted items. And when it’s time to eat, you’ll be able to savor some of the best French food you’ve ever had. But of course, the best part about Colmar is going to the wine country and touring the vineyards!

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