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Review L’epicurien | Restaurant in Colmar | France


Alsace is a region that spans through the northeast of France and southwest of Germany. The area is famous for its wine and its very traditional cuisine.
I had the opportunity to visit Colmar in France and trying L’epicurien on a weekend visit.


It is located near the petite Venice of Colmar.

Image of la petit venice in Colmar

There is a terrace outside with around six tables. Inside there is a cosy dining room with a bar in the centre.
As soon as you enter, you notice the large selection in the wine fridge. Pinot noir, reisling and gewurztramminer are the best sellers.
Reservation is required, especially if you visit during the summer or on weekends in any restaurant in Colmar.


We had a booking, and they asked us if we prefer inside or outside. It seemed that it was not complete for lunch; however, they were fully booked for each night at the weekend.

The restaurant seems to be owned and operated by a family. They are kind to speak English if you don’t speak French.
They are attentive during the service. Waiters are pretty fast in serving to compare to other places in France. Service in France is traditionally paused with ample breaks between courses.

I want to mention how detailed and traditional the service is when you travel to France. For example, they change dishes after each plate and put the proper cutlery if you eat meat or if you’re eating fish.

L’epicurien is a Restaurant in Colmar with Traditional French cuisine with a fusion touch.


The menu has around ten starters and eleven mains, which is more than you see these days in restaurants. It has some French classics like foie gras and some other plates with products from all over the world.

They offered us some bread as an entree, and we ordered two glasses off Riesling Roche granitic 2018. The bread was good but missed something to dip or spread. Tapenade or butter would have been nice.

Bread at Lepicurien

We also ordered a coke, and they said that they only serve alsatian coke. What? Is there such a thing? Please bring one!
Note: I was always pessimistic about trying any cola drink that was not one of the two big until one day in Milan, I tried the MoleCola by Eately. A game-changer.

Image of the alsace cola

Not a bad cola but a bit too sweet.

Patagonia Wild Prawns fried with Basil Ginger and sweet potato puree

A very delicate balance between the prawns and the sweet potato combining sweet and sour. The vegetables were roasted to perfection, broccoli was just delicious, and I’m not a big fan of broccoli!

Image of a plate of Prawns

Iberico pork filet 100% Bellota

A juicy pork fillet topped with a sweet sauce. Fries are homemade, which make them delicious. Chunk cut, not frozen everything, is homemade at L’epicurien.
They asked us for the point of the meat, and they refused to cook well done. They don’t do it because it will be dry, they were adamant on this point, and I agree. A wrong meat point can ruin a dish.

Image of Iberico pork filet

Ayrshire Sashi Gold Beef Filet red wine sauce and bearnaise. French fries and vegetables.

I ordered blue, and it was cooked to perfection. Delicious red wine reduction and nicely roasted vegetables. Those seem to be the same that we had with the prawns. Dipping the fries in the creamy bearnaise sauce was heaven. 

Image of beef filet at lepicurien restaurant in colmar


Café Gourmand

A mix of several desserts on the same plate. That is just fantastic. 

IMage of cafe gourmand

Lemon crème Brulee.

They burn the sugar of the Creme Brulee (burnt crème) on the table. It is an excellent show and probably a tradition, but I like the torch because it gives you the dark burnt bitter sugar that is so characteristic of the creme brulee.

Image of a Cremee Brulee

What I liked from “Name” Restaurant in Location

  • Homemade food, even the fries.
  • Servings are big and there is good value for money
  • Great wine selection

What I think could be better at “Name” Restaurant in Location

  • Something to accompany the bread.
  • Side dishes, I would have liked to see other sides rather than the same vegs.
  • A little bit more of brulee on the crème brulee.

How do we rate?

Rating L'epicurien | Restaurant in Colmar | France | Gourmetian
  • 8.2/10
    Place/Ambience - 8.2/10
  • 8.4/10
    Service - 8.4/10
  • 8.5/10
    Food - 8.5/10
  • 9.1/10
    Price - 9.1/10

Final Remark

Overall we had a delightful lunch at L’epicurien, and I recommend it. There is good value for money, and things are done by the French cuisine manual.

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