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Review Restaurante Ca’Miguel | Arinaga | Las Palmas


Restaurant Ca’Miguel, Arinaga, Gran Canaria, Spain

Ca’Miguel is a restaurant located in the sailor village of Arinaga. They specialize in fish and seafood with an evident local touch. Ca’miguel has been open for more than 20 years and is managed by a lovely lady called Soraya.
Soraya runs Ca’Miguel and has made it a reference for local food in Gran Canaria

Ca’Miguel had been on my wish list for years, and on my last vacation in Arinaga on the island of Gran Canaria, I finally visited it.
This was my experience eating at Ca’Miguel:


It is located in a corner very near to a famous beach in Arinaga called “El Zoco”.

Entrance of Ca'Miguel Restaurant in Arinaga

The seating area has a high chairs bar area and two dining rooms. There is a big mural of an Octopus decorating the main wall. The octopus shape is not there by chance; grilled octopus is the flagship dish of Ca’Miguel.

All covid19 measures are in place at Ca'Miguel in Arinaga
All covid19 measures are in place at Ca’Miguel in Arinaga

All COVID19 safety measures were thoroughly followed, including the use of disinfecting gel at the entrance, the use of masks by staff and guests (when not eating) and glass covering the bar. The dining areas size has also been reduced to allow social distancing.

The crowd that usually fills Ca’Miguel is predominantly local, which makes it a truly original experience.


The service was sweet and swift. A lovely girl was serving the dining rooms. She recommended us some dishes and Soraya, the Chef and owner, also came out to advice on what to order.
It is advisable to book in advance for Ca’Miguel, especially on weekends when Arinaga is usually packed. You can do it by calling the number below:

Reservas Ca’Miguel Arinaga: +34 928183130

If you looking for local experiences in Gran Canaria, Ca’Miguel in Arinaga is the place to eat


It is worth mention that Ca’Miguel is a gluten-free restaurant.
The menu is not long and has evident stress on local seafood specialities. The portions are quite generous, and by the end of our meal, we were full. The prices are quite reasonable for a fish and seafood restaurant.

The appetizer was bread and aioli (Spanish garlic, mayonnaise). The brought us some Bizcocho (toasted hard bread) that had anis on it, a surprisingly lovely discover.


Warm salad with Goat Cheese and Honey

The cheese was perfectly grilled, creating a golden crust outside. The honey wasn’t too noticeable and balanced well the richness of the cheese without making the salad sweet.
Cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and raisins were a great complement to the green leaves—very well balanced salad.

Warm Salad at Ca'Miguel in Arinaga
The Goat cheese in the warm salad is golden and crispy

Grilled Smoked Cheese

The second starter was a delicious Smoked cheese. The smoking wasn’t too heavy, and the melting cheese served with jam (sweet) and coriander mojo (a green garlic sauce). The combination of flavours is spectacular—a recommended dish.

Smoked cheese at Ca Miguel in Arinaga
The smoked cheese with Jam is delicious


Grilled Octopus with Green Mojo

The little octopus was grilled to perfection. Octopus is not always simple to cook as is easily hard or chewy. However, the grilled octopus at Ca’Miguel is tender and very tasty. It is topped with green mojo (garlic coriander sauce) and sided by fries and some coleslaw which resembled more a cabbage salad. This plate is the flagship dish at Ca’Miguel, and it is for a reason. If you come here, make sure you try it.

Grilled Octopus at Ca'Miguel in Arinaga
Do not leave Ca’Miguel without trying the Octopus

Fried Fish chunks

The fish was crispy and tasty. It came with sides of small Canarian potatoes with two different sauces, red and green—a good fish platter.

Fried Fish at Ca'Miguel in Arinaga


We asked for chicken and fries. They served it deliciously marinated with a touch of garlic. Our little one loved it.

Chicken at Ca'Miguel in Arinaga

What we liked from Ca’Miguel | Restaurant in Arinaga

  • Fresh caught fish and seafood
  • Warm Service
  • Outstanding value for money

Rating "Ca'Miguel" | Arinaga | Gran Canaria | Spain
  • 8.5/10
    Place/Ambience - 8.5/10
  • 8.6/10
    Service - 8.6/10
  • 9.1/10
    Food - 9.1/10
  • 9.6/10
    Price - 9.6/10

How do we rate?

Ca’Miguel is a great local experience. Food made with love and some of the best local catches. Will definitely come back.

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