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Review: Rompeolas | Restaurant in Corralejo | Fuerteventura


Restaurant Rompeolas, Corralejo

We went for a day trip to Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura. Our search for fresh fish threw a highlight. Rompeolas.


The Restaurant is inside a boutique hotel called Avante Hotel Boutique. The venue has the rooms a rooftop bar and the “Rompeolas” restaurant.

Avante Hotel Boutique Entrance

The restaurant has Terrace facing the beach, literally two meters away from the sand.

View of Corralejo beach - Restaurant in Corralejo
The Hotel & Restaurant are just on the beach

Inside is all white and blue, like a fisherman style. It is a beautiful place that transports you to a fishing boat.


We had a reservation at 1 pm, but when we came, the restaurant seemed to be empty. After raising our voice, a waitress came out and helped us find a table.

They offered us a small glass of rose wine as a welcome drink, excellent detail.

Glass or rose wine at Restaurant el Rompeolas in Corralejo

The Restaurant is two meters away from the sand

The service, considering there were only 2 or 3 tables was bordering slow.
Only one waitress performed the service. Unfortunately, these are standard practices in the Canaries where usually you find one or two staff servicing an incredible number of tables. I am not sure if that is the case of “Rompeolas” or was just that day.


Their menu is not extensive and contains mostly fish, rice and seafood courses.

We started with an appetizer, toasted bread with basil butter. Always a nice touch.

Bread and butter image at Restaurante el Rompeolas in Corralejo


“Gambas Blancas” (White shrimps)

Súper seafood taste. They serve these pale grilled shrimps with rock salt on top. Delicatessen.

Image of shrimps at Restaurant el Rompeolas
White shrimps are a delicatessen

Fried squid with Ali-Oli black garlic and mayo spirulina.
The squid was super tender a bit oily tho; the black Ali-Oli was vibrant.

Grilled Squid at Restaurante el rompeolas
Squid was tender and the Mayo’s creative

Fried cheese with white jam and mouse of berries
One was goat cheese. Nicely breaded, just hoped it would have been more creamy
Smoked cheese from “El Hierro”. Rich smokey taste. Lovely

Fried cheese at Restaurante el Rompeolas


Seafood paella

Nicely presented, we missed a bit more seafood. Rice was on a beautiful point, but the stock was way too salty.

We were quite surprised as we had lovely starters and Paella is their flagship. I am not sure what happened there, maybe the chef did not try the Paella after adding the stock, or salted it twice by mistake. The fact is that we were sad to see such a beautiful course spoiled by too much salt. We spoke to the waitress about it, and she was very concerned about it. She even invited us to the drinks (we did not ask for it) which was an adorable act from them.

Fish platter of the day

Seabream with small potatoes and mojo. The fish well fried but lacked salt.
There was an inconsistency between salty Paella and saltless fish.

Seabream Fish at restaurante el rompeolas


Breaded chicken and fries.
Large fillet freshly breaded with homemade fries. Very good.

Kids menu at el Rompeolas Restaurant in Corralejo
Freshly breaded chicken for the kids, they loved it

What we liked from Rompeolas | Restaurant in Corralejo

  • The view of next to the beach
  • Lovely decoration
  • Delicious starters

Where to improve

  • Consistency across dishes
  • More staff for better service and speed

Restaurante "Rompeolas" | Corralejo | Fuerteventura Spain
  • 9.5/10
    Place/Ambience - 9.5/10
  • 7.5/10
    Service - 7.5/10
  • 7.6/10
    Food - 7.6/10
  • 7.6/10
    Price - 7.6/10

How do we rate?

Rompeolas is an incomparable venue right on the beach shore. It is an enjoyable experience for a Restaurant in Corralejo.

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