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Shape professional-grade cookies with these cookie cutters

Baking cookies is an emotional ritual for many families over the holidays and beyond. It can be a wonderful way to bring families together while also allowing you to express your individuality in a more formal setting. In addition, cookie cutters might be a handy tool if you’re looking to have some fun with your designs.

Cookie cutters that are inspired by the winter season are also available, featuring snowflakes, decorations, and menorahs, among other shapes and designs

Because cookie cutters come in a variety of sizes, colors, and forms, experts suggest checking for a few essential characteristics when buying them. Durability, color, and shape are just a few of the characteristics to look for.


One of the most significant concerns when purchasing cookie cutters, according to the professionals we spoke with, is the material from which they are produced. Each of the four basic varieties of cookie cutters has its own set of advantages and disadvantages plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

We don’t test cookie cutters ourselves, so we depend on professional advice on how to purchase them when we need to. Each of the top-rated cookie cutters listed below came highly recommended by the baking professionals we talked with.

Shape professional-grade cookies with these cookie cutters

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters

McKenney and Carroll Pellegrinelli, authors of “The Easy Christmas Cookie Cookbook,” both endorse Ann Clark cookie cutters as a good brand to use for Christmas cookies. This set of heart-shaped cookie cutters is a favorite of McKenney’s because “they’re extremely excellent quality yet they’re not pricey.” These steel cookie cutters are sold in a set of five, with each one having a slightly varied size. Bell also suggested this heart-shaped cookie cutter that has “a bit more character,” according to Bell.

2. Mega Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Set –

To accommodate big parties, Bell also suggested this enormous kit, which has 40 cutters in various interesting forms, like dinosaurs and cupcakes, 32 letter cutters, and eight number cutters, among other things. When it comes to cutters, “if you just purchase one set, this should be it,” she recommends. “These durable plastic cutters were created by a skilled cookie decorator to make baking and decorating cookies as simple as possible.”

3. A set of Wilton plastic Christmas cookie cutters

In addition to having a “container full of varied Wilton cutters” for different occasions to use with her children, Stymiest also has a “container full of assorted Wilton cutters” for herself. She suggested this 10-piece cookie cutter set, which includes a variety of Christmas-themed forms such as a gingerbread man, candy cane, and snowman, among other things. These plastic cookie cutters are roughly 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and are available in a variety of colors including red and green, among others.

4. Snowflake Cookie Cutter by Ann Clark in Geometric Design

During the winter months, Bell recommends using this geometric snowflake cookie cutter to commemorate the season while making cookies. “I believe that everyone should have a beautiful snowflake cutter,” she remarked. “You may sprinkle sugar on top of the cookie as soon as it comes out of the oven for a fast and spectacular dessert.”

5. Cookie Cutter with Tara Plaque Design

“Sending cookies in place of greeting cards for well wishes and greetings is a delicious way to communicate your message,” Bell said. She encouraged people to use these cutters which, according to the vendor, are 3D-printed and made of food-safe PLA plastic as a “blank canvas” on which to draw patterns and give them as meaningful presents to others.

6. Cookies Cutters Set with Sweet Sugarbelle Hexagons

These hexagonal cookie cutters are made of plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher. They are sold in a set of four. Bell suggested these cookie cutters because of their distinctive shape: “The hexagon is experiencing a renaissance right now… “It has made its way into everything from home furnishings to fashion to, of course, cookies,” she said.

7. Sir Madam’s Copper Cookie Cutters are a set of two cookie cutters made of copper

Copper cookie cutters are more expensive than other sorts of cookie cutters, but according to the experts we talked with, they are sturdier, more lasting, and more aesthetically pleasing than other types of cookie cutters. The cookie cutters in this three-piece set are constructed of solid copper and range in length from 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches. They are dishwasher safe. According to Bell, “the ribbon and bunting forms are also ideal for any sort of event.”

8. Shape Shifter Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set from Sweet Sugarbelle for Everyday Use

For a little more ease in decorating, this set includes six cookie cutters, 18 different imprinting stamps, and one interchangeable stamp handle. Bell said that you can use the cookie cutters on their own or “couple them with a cookie stamp to make decorating simple and entertaining for all ages,” as she put it. Cut and stamp your cookies first before baking them, according to the brand. Then pipe icing into the stamped areas to fill out your design after they have baked. The stamp designs include paw prints, Christmas trees, and emoticons, among other things.

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