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StreetXO London | UK | Review


The energy and extravaganza of Chef Dabiz Muñoz combined in an exciting dining experience at StreetXO London.

StreetXO London is one of the outlets of the Spanish Chef Dabiz Muñoz. Dabiz has been recently named as the muscle of the Spanish cuisine, not only for being a healthy and fit individual but also for becoming one of the worldwide representatives of the Spanish chef spectrum.
StreetXO is a spin-off of DiverXO, his original fine dining restaurant in Madrid. StreetXO is also about to open in Dubai.

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Entrance of the Restaurant at StreetXO London
Entering the Restaurant there is a Cocktail Bar on the left


The restaurant is very near New Bond Street, the choice street in London where you find every kind of fancy brands. The restaurant distribution is covering three floors. In the upper, you see the restrooms; mezzanine a cute reception and wardrobe and lower floor the dining area and kitchen. Right at the entrance of the dining room, there is a nice bar where they prepare some of their fashionable cocktails.

Many bulb lights decorating the ceiling of StreetXo London
Ceiling Decoration

Decorated with a modern city style, is full of Japanese neons and other Asian symbols.

The music is loud, but the sound distribution is proper, so it is not noisy.

The dining room is quite big with a cool bar seating area facing the open kitchen, and a large dining room.

Cutlery is gold plated, and there are custom plates with the StreetXO logo, precise details.

plates and cutlery at StreetXO London
Customized Plates with the StreetXO Logo

It is better to book for a table in StreetXO, especially on weekends and is worth mention that the reservations last for two hours as is the new standard in many places. That said, they were quite friendly and flexible to let us overstay for 20 minutes.

You can book a table clicking below (this is a sponsored link)


We had a reservation and when we reach they warmly welcomed us. We had booked for three, but we were four, yet they had no problem to accommodate the extra guest (Thanks!). They took our coats to the wardrobe and accompanied us to the restaurant area where they fitted us.

The staff were super smiley at all times (you know I love genuine smiles) and attentive to any request. They also took some time to explain to us the menu and pair our taste.

The staff uniforms are casual with a touch of steampunk.

There is a lovely Canarian Chef that was super nice to us and came to explain to us every plate in details. Thanks a million @alejandrososasuarez


The menu is not very large. I counted around 20 items in total.

  • Picture of a menu at StreetXO
  • Picture of a menu at StreetXO
  • Picture of a menu at StreetXO
  • Picture of a menu at StreetXO
  • Picture of a menu at StreetXO
  • Picture of a menu cover at StreetXO

Something we found weird was the wine service. The waiter presented the bottle in the table but then went somewhere else to open it. I have no doubt about the quality and procedures of opening that wine and therefore we did not complain, but that is a big NO in wine service; you must open the bottle in front of the customer.

We order a bit of everything to share and taste as usual.

Usuzukuri-Carpaccio of Hamachi “Fish & Chips” served with Aji Amarillo and Yuzu (Japanese lemon)

They serve the carpaccio in a tray on top of baking paper, and the portion is generous. You eat it by rolling the entire thing and put it in a spoon. When you put it in your mouth, there is an explosion of flavours there. A very particular combination of characters; The Chef drives the dish with the acidity of the Yuzu, but then he balances it with with the chip, which is moreover crunchy. It was beautiful but somehow, and I might receive a million punches from the creative chefs here, I couldn’t find any reminiscence to the Fish and Chips, there was very little that evoked the quoted traditional dish.

Pekinese Dumplings

Picture of Fried dumplings at StreetXO london
Pekinese Dumplings

The dumplings are cooked a bit al-dente, seem to be pan-fried as it is not sticky, which is good. The duck filling is panned well to the Asian taste. The serving of each dumpling is with a crunchy pig ear which reminds me of a Spanish chicharron but not so fatty and oily. The aioli and strawberry hoisin is a surprise taste that I didn’t expect, but when eaten with the dumplings and the crunchy pig ear, it is delightful. A bit of sourness, sweetness and the taste of garlic made it exquisite. This dish is an excellent fusion of Asian and Spanish cuisine.

Steamed XO Club Sandwich

StreetXO Club Sandwich
StreetXO Club Sandwich

The buns remind me of Vietnamese Banh Bao, soft and fluffy. The neutral taste of the steamed bun complements well with the taste of the pulled suckling pig as a filling. The ricotta and spicy mayonnaise add the flavour of the sandwich. The sunny side up quail eggs is like the icing on the cake for this dish. I admit one sandwich is quite filling, and if you want to reserve more appetite to taste other dishes, it is better shared.

Ramen of Foie Gras & BBQ’d guinea fowl

Ramen at StreetXO London
The image does not make justice to the beautiful taste of this Ramen

The Ramen was quite particular. The first thing I noted was a taste to something Spanish, something that I love, Jamon Iberico (Iberian cured ham). With such start nothing could go wrong, there is a Foie flavour, that is not so intense, but enough to complement the pork and then the fowl meat is super tender. They did not miss the noodle, of course. An exciting and tasty combination of products from different continents for a beautiful and tasteful finishing.

“Chilli King Crab” Basque Country Style

This dish is a tribute to the traditional seafood cuisine of the north of Spain. The King Crabs, also called, Txangurros are de-constructed. On the one hand, the flesh of the crab fried in some tempura. On the other, the shell which contains a creamy seafood sauce which took me back to the shore of Galicia, in the north of Spain. It is so rich that they recommended us to order some brioche (which was crunchy outside with a thin crust and fluffy and spongy on the inside) to dip in the sauce and I swear that we left the shells empty. If you like seafood and that distinct taste of the sea, you should order the King Crabs at StreetXO.

Spanish “Socarrat*” Paella

*Socarrat is the crunchy rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan.

Image of a paella wrap
That mind blowing Paella wrap

This Paella that doesn’t look like a paella caught me by surprise. It came served in a paellera, the paella pan, but it was not the traditional iron, but Teflon coated, and there was a wrap in the middle. We would spend like a minute thinking if this were the Paella as we could not identify the shape.
Then when we decided to try it the magic happens — a delicious masterpiece designed by the Chef Diberxo. Behind the curtains of the wrap (the socarrat), there was a creamy and super tasty paella. This dish not only conflicts your traditional beliefs about a classic dish but also your tastebuds with that good finishing.

Guava Cheesecake

Guava Cheesecake at StreetXO
Guava Cheesecake at StreetXO London

It is not a typical cheesecake but more of a de-constructed one. The scattered crust on top of the filling made it de-constructed. They serve it in imitation of a cork container which is ceramic. The caramelized popcorn toppings seem to be weird as it made the smooth cheesecake crumbly. The smidge of guava jelly is just right to have the guava flavour.

What we liked

  • The ambience of the place
  • The open kitchen with the bar sitting
  • Some of the plates, like for example the “socarrat'” Paella blew our mind

Where to improve

  • The wine service
  • The Fish & Chips that is more like a ceviche

The energy and extravaganza of Chef Dabiz Muñoz combined in an exciting dining experience at StreetXO London.
  • 9.2/10
    Place/Ambience - 9.2/10
  • 8/10
    Service - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Food - 8.5/10
  • 7/10
    Price - 7/10


We liked the experience at StreetXO London. It is an excellent place for a party or a weekend dinner. The decoration is inspiring and sents you back to the streets of Tokyo or Bangkok, the staff is kind and professional, and the food is high-grade.

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StreetXO London – Restaurant Details

Address: 15 Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London W1S 2JR, United Kingdom


StreetXO team might want to have a look at their website settings as Google is sending a warning for a hacked site.

Average Price per person (no alcohol): $60-90

Telephone: +44 20 3096 7555

Date Visited: 20th December 2019

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