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Top 10 Lausanne Restaurants to visit in 2022


The restaurant industry is always growing and changing. The only thing that really stays the same is that people will always want to eat! There are new styles of cuisine that pop up every year and new restaurants that are built. It’s not always easy to keep up with this fast pace, but luckily on Gourmetian, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out the top 10 Lausanne restaurants we think you should visit in 2022.

1- Restaurant de l’Hotel de Ville Crissier

Crissier is a lovely town not far from Zurich. It has a population of around 12,000 people and is a popular location because of the Hotel de Ville Crissier which was built as a hotel in 1575. The restaurant of the hotel is one of the best in the town. The Vaudois cuisine of the region is renowned for its fine food and the restaurant defies this reputation by serving a great choice of food. The chef and staff take pride in making this restaurant one of the best in the country. Though it’s a pricey restaurant, diners are guaranteed a memorable dining experience! The restaurant is situated on a hill called the Mont de Crissier (Crissier Hill) which forms Lake Geneva. The view from the restaurant is definitely worth the experience.

2- Restaurant Kazoku

When you’re looking for a delicious place to get together with your friends and family for a nice meal, you should go to Restaurant Kazoku Lausanne. This delightful establishment has been a staple in the community for a long time and for good reason! They are at avenue d’ Echallens 60, in Lausanne and serve up some of the best Asian food you will ever eat. It’s easy to get to, and they have both an outdoor and indoor seating area. There are many different options to choose from, and their prices are quite reasonable.

3- Shanti

Shanti is a small Indian restaurant in Lausanne, the city’s best place to eat Indian food. They offer a delicious menu, along with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. They try to make your trip to Indian cuisine a memorable one and go above and beyond to make sure you leave happy and well-fed! Recommend you to go for dinner, although it is also open for lunch!

4-Le Berceau des Sens

French cuisine is famous around the world and the country itself is famous for it’s lifestyle, romantic scenery and culture, which makes it very appealing to tourists. Le Berceau des Sens, a fine French dining establishment inside the EHL Lausanne, Switzerland, is a place where you can experience the true French culture. It has been serving a variety of classic French dishes for over 30 years now, and newly opened in 2002, it has a fresh and updated look. The food is prepared in the classic French style and served by friendly students staff who always ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

5-Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron

If you are in the mood for a truly immersive experience, come and visit the Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron Restaurant Lausanne! Come to the restaurant to experience dining in the stunning surroundings of a stunning medieval abbey. The restaurant is set in a garden in the middle of a historical park with ancient trees dating back to the 13th century. The surroundings are breath-taking and the food is delectable! The dishes are prepared right in front of your eyes by the master chefs who were trained at the famous Lausanne’s Culinary School! The restaurant is a perfect place to visit with a romantic partner!

6-Restaurant du Vieux-Lausanne et Bar Giraf

If you are looking for a great place to have a nice meal and spend some time with a loved one, or if you are interested in finding a restaurant that offers a unique and memorable experience, you should consider checking out Restaurant du Vieux-Lausanne et Bar Giraf. The amount of effort and dedication that goes into the dishes here is apparent in every bite. Their chefs put a lot of care into creating a masterpiece you will remember for the rest of your life. I had the pleasure of dining here a few weeks ago, and I will be returning as soon as I can.

7- il Ghiotto

When you walk into il Ghiotto, you can’t help but feel you’re lost in a dream. The decor is something straight out of a Fellini film. Transparent chandeliers hang from the ceilings and the main dining area is furnished with iron chairs, marble tables, and a grandiose entrance. The waiter was welcoming, and the staff was extremely friendly. When the food arrived, I was shocked. I ordered the risotto alla pescatora and it was the best risotto I had ever had. The flavors and textures were subtle and there was a nice balance between the seafood and the rice. It was melt-in-your-mouth creamy. I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a place to eat in Lausanne.

8-La Brasserie du Royal

Situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, La Brasserie du Royal Lausanne Restaurant has a charming and welcoming vibe. It has a variety of different dishes of authentic Swiss cuisine that are sure to tantalize the taste buds and leave you wanting more. The restaurant is a great place for friends to gather for a good catch-up, for lively dates and for family gatherings. The friendly staff make customers feel at home, and the casual and relaxed atmosphere is perfect for meeting new people.

9- Eat Me

Founded by a handful of culinary wizards, Eat Me is a restaurant geared for adults, who are both foodies and gourmands. Various, modern techniques are employed to make their dishes more adventurous and clever, while still focusing on the ingredients. There’s a small lounge in the corner where you can enjoy your drink as you wait for your food. As for the menu, there’s plenty of choices, from starters to desserts and everything in between. Some of the dishes that we would recommend would be the seafood risotto, the filet mignon, the seafood fried rice, and the grilled octopus. You won’t be disappointed with this restaurant!

10- Inglewood

Burgers are a delicious type of food created hundreds of years ago in Lausanne. For example, try the Inglewood Burgers! They’re famously known for their original Lausanne recipe that anyone would love to try. Their burgers are better than others because they use the freshest ingredients and freshly baked buns. They ensure their secret recipe only uses the best meat that is organic and free range. They also use organic vegetables, which makes their food healthier! They are open every day of the week until late, so you can always stop by for a bite!

We hope you enjoyed our article about Lausanne restaurants! We know that Lausanne is a beautiful city, and that you have plenty of great restaurants to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your time in Lausanne by planning a visit to one of these great Lausanne restaurants!

lake Leman in Lausanne
Lake Leman is a must visit in Lausanne.

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