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Top 8 grocery items food network staffers always buy on Amazon


As the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon has nearly everything you could ever need or want. And when it comes to grocery shopping, the site is a powerhouse, offering everything from pantry staples to specialty items at competitive prices.

So what do food network staffers always buy on Amazon? We asked from the best of our favorite culinary experts to share the items they never go without.

If you’re anything like the Food Network staff, your Amazon Prime account is probably one of your most-used apps. And when it comes to grocery shopping, we’re definitely not shy about using it to buy our food. In fact, there are certain items that we always buy on Amazon, and we’re happy to share our top picks with you. From pantry staples to kitchen gadgets, these are the items that we always make sure to add to our Amazon shopping carts.

Here are the list of the eight grocery items food network staffers always buy on Amazon:

1.Villa Jerada, Dukkah Premium Seasoning


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Finding quality spice blends might be challenging when you live outside of the city, as I do. I appreciate being able to mail them out promptly if I’m low on them because of this. Villa Jerada has become my go-to restaurant because my family enjoys the cuisine of North Africa and the Levant so much. I have a few things on hand at all times, but this dukkah is a need. I add it to grain bowls and salads to add flavor, and I mix it with Greek yogurt (along with a little salt, garlic, and lemon juice) to make a smooth, delectable dip for flatbreads. It’s worthwhile to put a jar of their Shawarma spice blend in your cart if you’re placing an order.

2.Frankies 457 Spuntino Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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My preferred olive oil is Frankie’s since it has a fantastic flavor and is so adaptable. I use it for literally everything, including salad dressings, pesto and Romesco sauces, roasting veggies, meat, and fish, and dipping bread. When I run out, I now add it to my Amazon basket rather than scrambling to find it at neighborhood retailers.

3.Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is unique from any other salt found on the planet, formed over the previous 250 million years, and is thought to be the purest and most beautiful salt in the world. Due to the distinctive mineral makeup of this rock salt, it naturally has a stunning color that ranges from pink to pale red. Under a microscope, the crystals of salt create stunningly precise geometric designs.


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I adore using pink Himalayan salt in my cooking. It enhances the flavor and presentation of all of my dishes. I use it as a flavor enhancer in my dishes whether I’m grilling vegetables or cooking meats.

4.Gatorade G Zero Powder


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My family and I are hooked after purchasing this variety pack to share with friends at a 72-mile team running event. I now have to order it frequently for my family. Each package contains five flavors, all of which are delicious (although my personal favorite is grape). When they need an electrolyte boost, my kids keep the sachets in their soccer bags to add to water bottles. They do, after all, make drinking water with no added sugar easier.

5.Gourmet Vanilla Bean Paste


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Since I first started buying vanilla bean paste from Amazon a few years ago, I haven’t looked back. Although vanilla bean paste is difficult to get, regular vanilla extract is available practically everywhere (the more gelatinous product made with vanilla beans and their seeds). Not to mention that, if I do find any, it costs a fortune. On Amazon, there are many different brands to pick from, they are reasonably priced, and they usually arrive right away!

6.Mrs. Fanning’s Bread and Butter Pickles


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It’s really difficult to obtain Mrs. Fanning’s Bread and Butter pickles in New York City, but my boyfriend adores them. He has always simply really loved them and I like to surprise him with a 4-pack from Amazon a few times a year because they are thicker than most bread and butter pickles and taste homemade. (I can only consistently find them there.)

7.King Arthur Gluten Free Flour


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Since my kid has celiac disease, I frequently purchase gluten-free goods from Because King Arthur Gluten Free Flour doesn’t include Xanthan Gum and is therefore more adaptable than most flours on the market, we have decided to utilize it. Additionally, we always have King Arthur Cake mix in our pantry. The prognosis a few years ago was somewhat disappointing because she has always loved to bake. With gluten-free baking, there is a significant bit of experimentation and frequently disappointing results, so her passion was no longer as approachable.Their cake mixes enable her to quickly prepare something that is simple, enjoyable to decorate, and best of all, tastes exactly like ordinary box mixes (in fact I would say may taste even better and less artificial). Having said all of that, Caputo’s Gluten Free Pizza Flour is the one additional component that is actually the most crucial. She loves pizza in all of its varieties, as any good New Yorker would, but the after-school slice is no longer an option for her. I create a fantastic sheet pan pizza with this flour that reminds me of L&B Spumoni Gardens.It is a complete hit with the whole family thanks to its thick but light crust that fries in lots of olive oil. Once a week, I make a simple pizza crust using nice mozzarella and use the leftover pizza sauce for lunches.

8.Kirkland Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels


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The peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets from Costco are a favorite that have become a fixture in our house. A fantastic on-the-go snack and a major urge to eat around the house. The 55 oz can sometimes disappear quickly because these pretzels are so little and tempting. Whoever consumes the final nug must purchase the subsequent jar, according to our family tradition!

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