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Top-notch knife sets to try in 2022

A widespread cliché holds that knives are an extension of a cook’s hand. However, although knives are unquestionably the most critical instrument you may use in the kitchen, you only a few trustworthy ones to do the majority of cutting, slicing, deboning, and carving jobs. That begs the issue of whether you should purchase them separately or as a set. In the case when you are only lacking one or two distinct categories, the answer is obviously not the latter. Sets, on the other hand, are completely fair game.

It is possible to obtain carefully assembled collections with a variety of various compositions ranging from three pieces to twenty-plus pieces, all chef’s knives or a mix of types, some with sharpening tools and blocks, some without. Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen area of any home-goods shop knows that although a deal with a large number of pieces may seem to be a good value at first glance, a closer inspection will reveal that there are some unneeded pieces that will eventually end up in your cutlery drawer. To avoid ending up with an excessive number of blades and accessories that you will never use, keep your collection to a minimum.

When I asked experts about their best knife sets, I made the premise that you were either starting from scratch or reworking the fundamental composition of your collection. This assumption proved to be correct. The great thing about these companies is that you may explore all of the different groupings they have to offer if you like the sound of any of them.

Wüsthof Ikon 6-Piece Starter Knife Block Set

Wüsthof is a traditional firm with a classic product. Cook and Top Chef Canada host Eden Grinshpan was told to buy it when she was in culinary school, and it’s the one cookbook author Erin Gleeson registered for when she got married a decade ago and still uses. It’s also the one that multiple celebrity chefs with a variety of cooking styles have endorsed (a quick Google search will tell you that both Ina Garten and Gordon Ramsay swear by them). According to Grinshpan, “They’re simply really excellent quality, and they’ve stood the test of time quite well.” “Some of the parts are still in my possession in my kitchen.” Specifically, this set includes a paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a serrated knife – the only three types of knives you’ll truly need when it comes to executing the majority of kitchen activities.

Wüsthof Gourmet 6-Piece Starter Knife Block Set

This more cheap set from Wüsthof features a configuration that is comparable to the previous one. In addition, the paring knife is a half-inch smaller (which should not make a discernible difference), the serrated knife is three inches smaller (a utility knife meant to cut items like tomatoes rather than crusty bread), and the block is built from a different kind of wood than the previous one (beechwood instead of acacia).

Misen Essentials Knife Set

According to Jeff Strauss, owner and chef of Jeff’s Table restaurant in Los Angeles, “these knives are excellent value.” “Steel hardness is something that knife geeks discuss, and they are on the harder end of the bendy spectrum, which is a lovely place,” says the maker. The reason for this, according to him, is that they’re hard enough to sharpen readily and retain their edge very well. However, they are not so hard that they move in an unusual manner that requires some getting used to – you can feel the difference between a superhard blade and a normal blade, and you can even shatter a superhard blade if you make the incorrect motions. “I’m acquainted with a number of professional chefs who make use of them.”

Made In the Knife Set

I believe the inclusion of a Nakiri knife, which I believe is a wise addition, makes this a somewhat unique set of knives from Made In. However, it is not intended for meat but rather for chopping vegetables. It resembles a little cleaver with a completely straight edge. While it is not technically essential, it is a pleasure to use, easily chopping onions and cutting through squash, as well as finely slicing root vegetables and other vegetables. Kiano Moju, a culinary producer, is in agreement. It was for her culinary creative studio, which she was outfitting from the ground up, that she first purchased this equipment.

Aiko Damascus Steel Knife Set

For those of you who truly want to go all out, this set is a true show-stopper. The design, as you can see, is eye-catching from the blade all the way down to the handle of the knife. They also function very well, with razor-sharp edges and a soft grip for a pleasant grip. I’ve been using many of them on a regular basis for some months now and haven’t had to conduct any maintenance on them yet. I’m a big admirer of the nakiri knife (really, I’ve never had such ease chopping veggies) and the boning knife (which is a little more specialised, but comes in useful when I’m preparing meat and fish).

Messermeister Adventure Chef 6-Piece Summit Set

However, while this recommendation from recipe developer and cookbook author Louisa Shafia doesn’t consist solely of a knife set with only knives included, it does come from the knife company Messermeister, with which Shafia has been working since she graduated from culinary school more than two decades ago. It’s a little camping kit that includes two excellent knives: a folding chef’s knife that is six inches in length and a foldable fillet knife that measures six inches in length (yes, those are full-size, made from the same steel as their regular ones). According to Shafia, the package has “everything you would need to go camping and cook extremely great cuisine.” You can even manage things if you catch a fish, which I have done.” A cutting board is also useful since you need something to cut against that won’t damage your blades, therefore it’s a bonus that it comes with it.”

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