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Williams Butcherstable Restaurant Review | Zurich | Switzerland


I had tried to go to Williams Butcherstable for some time already, and the visit of a friend made it the perfect occasion.
Williams Butcherstable is a meat restaurant that also has a grocery shop. The particularity of this restaurant is that you can choose your cut advised by a butcher, and then the chef will cook it for you.

At the time of writing this review, they have three locations across Switzerland. One in Bern and two in Zurich.


Williams Butcherstableis a cozy restaurant with low lights decorated after the American 50s. All in wood, they play 50s American music, and the frames are also from that time, portraying the meat industry.


The waiter welcomed us in the door to present our COVID certificates.

He asked us if we wanted to have some drinks. We ordered, but then they took a kind of a long time to give us the menus.
When he came, he explained the restaurant’s concept: choosing your meat from the butcher and then the Chef will cook it for you or the daily special. In this case, the daily special was the old cow burger.

Meat selection at Williams Butcherstable
Meat selection at Williams Butcherstable

Unfortunately, the cutlery is a bit old and overused; I would have expected something better in this sense.

They also have a bar with a selection of scotch and whiskeys to complement your meal.

Williams Butcherstable bar

Gourmetian Whisky Deals


Their menu is not long but there is an exciting meat selection at the Boettcher you can choose from. They have a wide choice of cuts, from lean to more fatty and marbled.


Each meal includes a salad. You can choose between Italian or French dressing.

Salad at Williams Butcherstable

We went for French dressing, and it came with garlic croutons. The salad was well-dressed but crunchy. The crouton was delicious.

Old Cow Burger with Fries

The bun was a lovely brioche crunchy outside but soft inside.
The meat was perfectly cooked, not dry, and juicy inside. It came with melted cheese.

Burger at Williams Butcherstable Zurich

We got a huge bowl full of carved fries, as is trendy in many eateries. Crunchy and salty as it should be.

Crunchy Fries at Williams Butcherstable
Carved Fries

Black Angus Ribeye

I ordered the black Angus Ribeye after the Butcher recommendation. Despite being pricey, as in many restaurants in Switzerland, the meat was outstanding. It melted in my mouth; I barely had to use a knife to cut it. It was a complete pleasure for the senses.

Black Angus Ribeye at Williams Butcherstable

I also ordered a side creamy spinach that was nicely cooked and not bland.

Creamy Spinach

What I liked from Williams Butcherstable

  • Excellent Meat Quality
  • The decoration
  • The Special of the Day concept

What could be better at Williams Butcherstable

  • The service pace. Was slow at times.
  • The overused cutlery.
  • Prices above

How do we rate?

Williams Butcherstable Restaurant Review | Zurich | Switzerland
  • 8.7/10
    Place/Ambience - 8.7/10
  • 7.8/10
    Service - 7.8/10
  • 8.8/10
    Food - 8.8/10
  • 6.9/10
    Price - 6.9/10

Nice meat experience at Williams Butcherstable. A place I will probably visit again for an prime meat cut.

I cannot talk much about the price because the meat in Switzerland is expensive by definition, but I still found it slightly overpriced.

I think this is an excellent place to go on weekdays and enjoy a good meal at a reasonable price as the meal of the day was only Fr.26.

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