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I discovered Yummly early 2019. Till then I used to source recipes from Google, and it would take me quite a lot of time because some of them might have ingredients that my family or I might not like or that are not in line with my eating habits. This is one of the essentials now on my phone and my favourites bar.

But what makes Yummly a great web/app?

It has more than a million recipes. 

It integrates recipes from thousands of websites, and you can search them all in one place.

screen shot of the search bar at Yummly.com
Yummly Web Search

Food Profiling 

You can choose which ingredients and diets you want, and you do not wish to see in your feed. 

screenshot of the food preferences at Yummly.com
Yummly will not show recipes that contain any of the ingredients picked

Consolidation of recipes

All recipes use the same format, so it is easy to understand them. Now I do not need to figure out where on the page to find the ingredients.

screenshot of ingredient list at Yummly.com
The list of ingredients is the same for every recipe

Link to Original page

As an aggregator, it gives visibility to a lot of bloggers like me and shares the word of our recipes with an audience of 14 Million users. If you find the Yumm button on a recipe of a website you can click it, and you will send that recipe to Yummly.

screenshot of a recipe at Yummly.com
Yummly link the directions to the original blog

Recipe customizations, ratings and reviews

I love to read comments of users that changed the sauce, added extra cheese or chilli. It is so valuable that sometimes right after reading the recipe I go to check the twists that the users have put in the comments to see if I like it more than the original.

screenshot of  ratings at reviews at Yummly.com
I came here for the comments 🙂

Yummly Meal planner

You can pick several recipes and build your meal plans.

screenshot of meal planner feature

Shopping list

Along with the meal planner, Yummly let you add to a shopping list within the app the ingredients of any recipe

screenshot of  shopping list feature

Order ingredients online

This is the cherry on top of the cake. You can order the ingredients from a recipe online. (Not available everywhere)

screenshot of  order online functionalities

Yummly is a great source of recipes. It let me find trendy or classic meals to keep innovating in my kitchen.

Visit Gourmetian on Yummly to access all our recipes and keep Yumming



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